2022 - Long forgotten password finally retrieve :)

will update soon, just a quick note to say that i am still alive..haha!

9 years with PostCrossing... :)

Orangutan Postcard from Ghana

a very precious swap with someone from Ghana.. :)

Postcard attached with 15 stamps !

being involved in collecting postcards since 7 years ago, this is my first time ever reciving a single postcard attached with 15 stamps on it! WOW ! thats a great surprise indeed :) i'm smiling from ear to ear :) thanks a lot Titi Sundari from Jakarta Indonesia.

Mother Theresa

i feel so lucky to be able to swap with Maria from Australia, for this great maxicard of Mother Theresa :)

Lighthouse Maxicard @ Australia

Thanks a lot Maria from Australia for this great maxicard!

Greetings From....! :)

Thanks to wonderful postcrosser and friends for sending me this very mush wanted postcards among postcrosser:)

Postcards from Tom!

Tom always sending me beautiful postcards with beautiful stamps and of course with beautiful Drawings! i'm so blessed to be able to swap with him :)

The Royal Family @ my favorites of all time...

Thanks a lot Tom.. for being such a great swap friend!

i'm a serious collector of Orangutan Postcards.. :)

i have been collecting OU postcards since 2008 and my collections keeps growing so immensely.. :) thanks to everyone who sent me Orangutan postcards! image here shown some of them, lots more not in this photo. If you have any and wanna give me a surprise, my address is:

P.O.Box 304
89908 Tenom
Sabah Malaysia.

i welcome any postcards from all around the world, just surprise me! write your address on the card and i will surely send you back. thank you :)

Postcards @ FaberCastell :)

I never know faber castell have this kind of interesting postcards.. Until a friend gave one set as a gift for me! Very nice high quality and i like the vintage feeling in this card :) 

Testing from phone

Testing from phone


i'll be back..

so many nice cards arrived but i'm still busy with endless work :(
Thanks all for sending me nice and wonderful cards from all around the world, i really appreciated your kindness and effort on me!

Praha Prague Czech Republic

Thanks Aneta for this beautiful postcard :)

The Mary Rose..

i really like this card and the story of The Mary Rose sound very interesting! thanks a lot Tom, and thanks for the drawing of the smallest bird in UK :)

North Berwick Scotland

Very nice view .. i want to walk on that clean sand one day! terima kasih Tom, kucing itu nampak comel :)

Kisimul Castle, Scotland

Thanks a lot Tom for this beautiful postcard and the drawing of burung Merak! amazingly beautiful :)

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