Le-Mont Saint Michel

all wonderful view of Le-Mont Saint Michel was sent by Sophie of France, thanks a lots sophie for all these beautiful & precious postcards! :)

Le-Mont Saint Michel

Le-Mont Saint Michel

Le-Mont Saint Michel

Phares De Bretagne

*from Sophie of France

Cartoon Postcards from Earney - funny:D!!

this is from Adi @ Earney @ Luntid..from Austria with Love! she is the one who bring me to a wonderful world of PostCrossing!..:D nah..magawi nopo tusin mamajak do poskad kaa, nga maan nopo la kio Adi, kuroyon podi, nda buli reverse sudah ni best pula kan..nah tu la siapa suruh, haha..

Guillin, Guangxi & The Seventeen-Arch Bridge

beautiful as usual..postcards from Francoise of China, i feel so glad to have her as my swap friend, she is really great for sending me lots beautiful WHS postcards of China, attached with very beautiful stamps :) Thanks so much Francoise..

NO-18376 > Fjord Magic Norway

*beautiful postcard from Joey of Norway

Beautiful Pagodas of Chiangmai Thailand

*from Thitirat of Thailand

Wat Arun - The Temple of Dawn

*from Thitirat of Thailand

The Northern Most Point of Thailand

*from Thitirat of Thailand

The Golden Triangle - Chiang Rai, Thailand

*from Thitirat of Thailand

Eesti - Estonia

*from Elina of Estonia

The square in front of the Gate of Supreme Harmony

*from Francoise of China

Fruit Merchant - Kerala India

* from Dr Biju of Kerala India
nice postcard showing Fruit merchant at Kerala India
and i got lots of beautiful stamps this time..
thanks a lot Biju :)


*from Ingo of Hamburg :)

Bam Citadel (Arg), Kerman

*from Ingrid of Iran
Bam is a city in Kerman Province of Iran. The city is the center of Bam County. The modern Iranian city of Bam surrounds the Bam citadel. Before the 2003 earthquake the official population count of the city was roughly 43,000.[1] There are various opinions about the date and reasons for the foundation of the citadel. Some people believe that Bam city was founded during the Parthian empire, a very powerful Persian empire, that ruled from 250 BCE to 226 CE. Economically and commercially, Bam occupied a very important place in the region and was famed for its textiles and clothes.
Bam is a World Heritage Place in danger..
On December 26, 2003 at 5:26 AM local time(1:56 AM UTC) Bam Citadel — "the biggest adobe structure of the world" — and most of the city of Bam proper were devastated by an earthquake. United States Geological Survey estimated its magnitude as 6.6 on the Richter scale.[2] The BBC reported that "70% of the modern city of Bam" was destroyed.[3] Death toll numbers as high as 80,000 were rumoured on the street .

The Winter Palace..

*another beautiful postcard from Maya :)

Moscow _ View on the Red Square

*from Maya of Russia :)

Croatia Stamps :)

* envelope with beautiful stamps from Croatia, and inside the envelope also full of stamps..wow.:) thanks so much Dragan!

Puzzle of Terceira Island

*from Magl of Portugal :)


*from David of Spain :)

Private Swap with Chistine :)

*from Chistine of Penang :)

DE 263590

*from Sabine of Berlin
very nice aerial view of Berlin :)

TH 15127

*from Nann of Thailand
Wat Pho Bangkok

FI 442088

*from Anita of finland

IS 5929

*from Oskar of Iceland

FI 448923

FI 446596

The Church of the Ressurection of Christ

*from Maya of Saint Petersburg Russia

The Hieroglyphic Alphabet

*from Salma of Egypt
Thanks salma for all your wonderful postcards! :)

Giza : The Great Sphinx and the pyramid of Kephre

*from Salma of Egypt

Cairo : El Azhar Square

*from Salma of Egypt

Eiffel Tower

*from Branka of Paris
Eiffel Tower
the most famous landmark and symbol of Paris. Thanks so much Branka:)

Mascots Olympic Beijing 2008!

*from Francoise of China
Mascots of the games of Olympic Beijing 2008
Thanks so much francoise for your wonderful postcards and stamps:)

Suspending Temple

*from Francoise of China
Suspending Temple was built during the Nothern Wei Dynasty. The whole temple was built on the rock face of a sheer cliff, and the highest place temple is about 50meters above ground. The temple houses 78 bronze, iron, colored clay and stone statues.

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