From Austria With Love

another great romance postcard from Earney, thanks dear:)

Sailing Ship..

thanks Brian of England:)

Niagara Falls

Saint Petersburg, Russia

thanks Alexandra:)


Schloss Neuschwanstein

beautiful & different view..many thanks to Claudia:-)

Harvesting Saffron - Spain

thanks edit:-)

The Sultan Abdul Samad Building..

many thanks to kkkhor:)


Thanks to Katja:)

Greetings from Vietnam:)

my first ever card from Vietnam! many thanks to Russianruby:-)

Greetings from Malaysia..:-)

Many thanks for this lovely Orangutan Postcard:)

IT-55771 - The Colosseum, Rome

though i already have similiar of this one via private swap, but its really a great feeling to received another postcard of Colosseum, surprisingly via official arrangement and from a great swap friend! thanks a lot Francesca of Roma Italy:) i wish you will get my adress again someday in future:D!!


thanks to Americo of Portugal!

LT-44497 - "Believe in a Miracle.."

thanks to sweet Agne of Lithuania:-) i really love this kind of postcard:-)))

Nostalgia Postcard :)

Precious n meaningful postcard:-) thanks Silvia:)

RR- Bbay Animals - Otter!

many thanks Comette of USA:)

Neuschwanstein Castle!...again...:-)

thanks to Terra:)

thanks Hexentrio:)

thanks Michaela:)

thanks to Hexentrio:)

thanks to Biggi:)

thanks to xtlera:)

Japan Traditional Costume

Thanks to Higakiyo2:) i love Hello Kitty stamp!:-)))


thanks to Klaus:)


Thanks to Joelle:)


Thanks to Anya of Russia:)

From Austria with Love :)

Thanks sweet Earney of Austria :) the little girls remind us about our childhood, kan :D

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