Praha Prague Czech Republic

Thanks Aneta for this beautiful postcard :)

The Mary Rose..

i really like this card and the story of The Mary Rose sound very interesting! thanks a lot Tom, and thanks for the drawing of the smallest bird in UK :)

North Berwick Scotland

Very nice view .. i want to walk on that clean sand one day! terima kasih Tom, kucing itu nampak comel :)

Kisimul Castle, Scotland

Thanks a lot Tom for this beautiful postcard and the drawing of burung Merak! amazingly beautiful :)

Greetings from China

thanks dear XuYing Wang for sending me this as a thank you card :) i really like it :)


thanks dear Angie, i love orangutan postcards! ;)


thanks dear Natalia:)


thanks dear Ivanka:)

MO-19431 MACAU :)

i'm happy to get an official postcard from Macau, and see the beautiful stamps:)


beautiful Thailand stamps! thanks Pure :)


thanks so much Elya :)

Orangutan stamp from taiwan!

my first orangutan stamps from taiwan, i was surprised to know that Taiwan also have an Orangutan stamps...!:)

Greetings from Russia

thanks a lot Irina for all these beautiful postcards with beautiful stamps! :)

The Vyne, Hampsire

Terima kasih Tom, poskad yang cantik , setem yang cantik.. dan lukisannya juga cantik :)

Castle complex of Mir.... Belarus

very beautiful castle sent from belarus! thanks a lot Anastasiya:)

Mother and Son...

This is so amazingly wonderful postcard represent typical scene in rural Vietnam! thanks a lot dear Trang for sending me this card :)

Orangutan from Singapore!

Thanks lavendersky:) i'm glad you send me this card :) my all time favorite:)

Vancouver Canada

Thanks Olga for this beautiful card :)


Thanks Lily for this beautiful card! :)

Orangutan :)

Thanks Violet Kim for the surprise :)

Dewi, and her son :)

thanks a lot Jennifer from Indonesia :)

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