Merry Christmas !

thanks a lot my dear friend Salma of Cairo Egypt for this very sweet christmas card:-)







Greetings from USA..

Sandy Point, St.Croix;
The 380-acre Sandy Point peninsula is a protected reserve for the leatherback and other sea turtles.

Marina Cay - British Virgin Island;
This private eight-acre Island is unique, tropical retreat. surrounded by a protected tropical reef and a turquoise Lagoon.

The baths, Virgin Gorde - British Virgin Islands

Cane Garden bay - British Virgin Islands

Wonderful postcards comes from Gabrielle of USA ! great addition to my everlasting collections:-), many thanks for the other maps & Lighthouses .. Loved it so much ! :)

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 ...

very special postcard indeed, many thanks to Christy of USA.. i'm waiting your address still:).. pls give me soon so that i can send you a postcard from here:) Peace & Love from Borneo!

Batu Feringgi Beach, Penang

special swap with SL Liew, for the new issue of stamps - state definitive garden flowers collection..thanks a lot SL, for the special cancellation too:)looking forward for our next swap:)

Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque, Pahang

another beautiful postcard from khor, thanks a lot:)

United Nation, Vienna Austria

Earney sent me this postcard during her visit to UN-Vienna.. thanks a lot Earney!:)


Thanks a lot Alexandra of St.Petersburg:) the stamps is beautiful too, loved it!

Mount Jade

wonderful postcard from Taiwan, thanks a lot Shang-Jhun Kuo:)


thanks a lot Ken of Pennyslvania :)


"Believing can move mountains".. thanks a lot Alexandra of Germany:)


thanks a lot Jose of Portugal:)


Beautiful aerial view of Prince Edward Island, thanks a lot Trupti of Canada!


wonderful view! Loved it!..thanks Olivia of Germany


such a beautiful stamps on postcard..:) i'm so lucky ( this is official :), thanks JA of Thailand!

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