NL - 1046863

Thanks so much for this lovely card... :)


Borneo Local Kids POSTCARDs

DE - 1252235

thanks a lot Lars..for choosing this very beautiful view for me, this is a kind of card i would like to received in terms of landscape view.. so breathtaking... :)


MO - 6781

My first ever postcard from Macau and i'm so excited:) thanks a lot Dianna


RU - 788655


very nice one, thanks a lot:)

GB - 297220


interesting one! thanks a lot Susan :)

BG - 11060


Thanks a lot Yana :)

RU - 750870


Thanks a lot Оксана :)

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A caged bird stands on a grave of dreams.. His shadow shouts on a nightmare scream.. His wings are clipped and his feet are tied..





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