The Ubudiah Mosque..

another great card from Anny Yong, This postcard is one of the most favorite card by worldwide postcrosser! :)

Poskad Raja Raja Malaysia

Thanks my dear friend Anny Yong for this speciAL Postcard :)

Glenfinnan Monument, Loch Shiel, Scotland

another sensational card from my great swap friend, Tom in UK. Terima kasih banyak ya Tom, kamu sungguh baik dan lukisan Burung itu sangat cantik, saya amat menyukai pemandangan sungguh cantik di poskad ini............:)


Beautiful view postcard, with beautiful stamps and beautiful postmark! ;) thanks a lot Dmitry :)

Beautiful view from Germany

Thanks a lot Lidia, what a great view..! :)

Castle Of Love........! :)



Thanks Marie for this lovely view and BEAUTIFUL STAMPS! :)


thanks Doyel fro this great swap :)

IN - 116034

Thanks Ambica from India :)


Thaks philakas for this beautiful map :)

TW - 1394622

thanks dear Tina, you handwriting so very neat! :)

Spear Thistle, Scotland National flower

Terima Kasih banyak ya Tom :)

Greetings from Vietnam

many thanks dear Trang for a wonderful swap:)

Pope John Paul ll - Postcards from Poland

Many thanks to Ania from Poland for sending me this lovely and precious postcards of Pope John Paul II.... :)


i have been collecting orangutan postcards since 2009 and till now, arrival of orangutan postcards still bring lots of excitement and makes me smile from ear to ear :) thanks a lot Yvonne from Germany :)

Autumn Reflections...........

beautiful view.. thanks a lot Helen :)

Budapest Hungary

wow this is a surprise card ( RAS) from Donald Wong, thanks a lot Xiaoi :) so kind of you

Beautiful Castle..

i was blown away.. these cards are so beautiful.. i just wanna be there one day :) thanks so much Marcel for this great swap :)

Greetings from Christmas Island!

Thanks a lot Christmas Island Association:)

Beautiful Cathedral from Moscow!

thanks alot ya xramik :)

Nice, France

thanks a lot Eliette, this is first time i heard about a place called NICE in France, very interesting :)

Bath Abbey West Front - Angels ascending and descending from Heaven

Sensational drawing as usual, this comes from my best swap friend, thanks a lot Tom :)

Postcard stamps

thanks a lot Yulia:)

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