With Love from Earney :)

interesting postcards with unusual shape:-)

Earney ( http://earneygerhard.blogspot.com/ ) from Austria sent me so many beautiful postcards during her recent trip to Italy.. thanks so much Adi for remembering me:-)

PL - 210150

so cute postcard from Poland!

NZ - 52417

beautiful postcard from New Zealand:)

NL - 645964

WOW.. one of my favorite kind of postcard, message in bottle all the way from Netherlands:)

FI - 1091996

lovely postcard from Finland:)

Orangutan Postcard

after a long time..i finally back on hunting for Orangutan Postcard again and this one comes from Russia..really cool! its a perfect orangutan family postcard, the father, mother and their little child:) thanks so much for the swap!

i'm always looking for orangutan postcard from other countries to swap, so if you come across any..simply think of me:) i have many beautiful borneo postcard for exchange, u can mail me at carolpostcrossing@gmail.com thanks in advance:)

US - 1111947

beautiful map postcard from north carolina, thanks Tiffany:)

Prince Willam & Kate

this precious package comes from gran7 of United Kingdom, i'm so lucky to have the postcards..the stamp..and postmark cancellation is so perfect, this for sure will have a special space in my everlasting collections:-) thanks so much gran7!

AU - 128633

maxicard! my all time favourite to received:)

TW - 282909

love the combination color of this card:)

GR- 17756

breathtaking view of Crete!

GB - 219370

wow... i almost cant believe it:) i received such a great most wanted postcard via official postcrossing... i feel so lucky! thanks so much Margaret from United Kingdom.

IL- 11561

its been really a long silence for me for the past few months!..
and now i'm back here to update this blog.. i've received many great beautiful postcards + stamps from all over the world..! thanks so much to all dear postcrosser for your kindness..sorry for long time unable to update them here.

this one arrived today, all the way from Israel ! great & rare map i loved it a lot..:)
thanks so much bis032 from Israel.

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