FI - 1255106

yess:) another William & Kate postcard arrived today via official postcrossing, all the way from Finland, thanks so much Helena of Troy..:)

NL - 858488 > Postcrossing Stamps! :)


Yessss! finally i too have official postcard with Postcrossing stamp, how cool is that! :) this is the first one ever arrived, i wish to get more in future::)

World Orchid Conference - Singapore 2011 !

i'm so lucky to get this postcard from 2011 World Orchid Conference Singapore. thanks so much!

Orchid Postcard + Orchid Stamp from Singapore

thanks so much to sybones for this wonderful swap:)

IT - 155016

beautiful postcard + Beautiful stamps! thanks so much cfcfede:)

HU - 41178


very nice multi window view, from Budapest Hungary, i really loved this card, thanks so much Kate:)

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