Australia !

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia.
Completed in 1973 - conceived and largley built by Danish architect Jorn Utzon. it is a multi-venue performing arts centre located in Sydney, New South Wales. the building covers 4.5 acres, its 183M long and 120M wide at its widest point. it is suported by 588 concrete piers sunk 25m below the sea level. The roof is covered with glossy white/cream coloured tiles which numbered 1,056,006!. the completed cost in 1973 was 102 milions, completed after 10 years late and cost 14 times more than the original estimated cost !

Uluru-Kta Tjuta National Park - UNESCO
an immense monolith - which along with Kata Tjuta, rock domes located west of Uluru, form the National Park which the traditional laND owners are the Anangu Aboriginal people. Uluru also called Ayers Rock, stands 348m high and measures 9.4km in circumference. it is also notable will changing color as light strikes on it at different times of the day and year.

thanks so much Amie :) for the great cards and useful information written on the back.

Chengdu China

wonderful postcard with such a great stamps and PERFECT Postmark!.. all the way from Chengdu China, thanks so much Ren:)


basic hebrew from aleph to tav. very interesting card.

map represent the place of footsteps of Jesus in the holy land.

Mt Zion, Jerusalem.

i feel so lucky for this precious cards from Israel, i'm glad i tagged you on forum, thanks a lot Debora!

Nouvelles Images


aromatic garden

thanks a lot marloestn for the great cards!

Greetings from Malaysia !

orangutan @ man of the forest :)

sumazau traditional dance.

multiview of malaysia

Pulau Layar, Langkawi

i did a great swap with SL Liew again, and the beautiful train stamps are newly published by Pos Malaysia. Thanks SL of Penang.

Cute puppies!

so cute, is it? :-) thanks a lot arja

RU - 169124

very nice official card from Russia, thanks Marina

Interesting Map!

very interesting map from Colinde of Netherlands, thanks a lot.

Surprise from Earney

earney sent me this card during her trip to Cesky Krumlov:)

very nice color, lovely window with flowers!

another view of window outside the garden.

my all time favourite :)

this is typical Mediterranean door with blue sea view..:)

thanks a lot earney!

Bosnia Herzegovina....!

wow...wow...new country in my receiving list:-) i'm glad the card arrived safely and many thanks to Jasmin of Bosnia for sending me this precious card :-)

Orangutan from Indonesia :)

finally i received this postcard today after 1 month travelling :) thanks a lot Nina Mayasari http://nina-mayasari.blogspot.com/ for sending me orangutan card! loved it ;)

Greetings from Monaco ! ..

what a great surprise it was.. i received this lovely card from Claudia during her holiday trip to Monaco! thanks so much Claudia, its a new addition to my country list ! :-)))

Rememberance from Greece

oh doesnt it looks so lovely..? i begin to fall in love with postcard showing door/window..:-)

my all time favourite of aerial view...and this is wonderful

Earney says: while you are driving in a small village, drive slowly :)..hehe

and this postcard shows traditional wedding costume of Creta, nice!

thanks Earney for all this wonderful postcards, i miss you too.. see you soon on October! :-)))

Butterfly and Stones..

such a lovely Nouvelle Images postcard from Chantal of Netherlands, thanks a lot!:)

Kingdom of Cambodia

Precious collection of Cambodia postcards, i'm lucky to have them in my collections:)

New Zealand

beautiful collections of New Zealand postcards..:)

US - 688001

Fort Myers Beach, Florida

thanks Robert for this beautiful card and the stamps included:)

Door with flowers of Crete Island..

aah another great card from earney, thanks dear:)

SK - 9667

wow..my first card from Slovakia:) thanks a lot Antonia:)

LV - 16492

beautiful postcard n stamps, thanks Silvia:)

FI - 80849

lovely:).. thanks a lot onneli78:)

Azores, Portugal

Beautiful map ..:)

Nice quotes..:)

Beautiful stamps..:)

i would like to say a big thanks to Maria Lurdes from Azores, for sending me such a precious envelope, and she also included many beautiful stamps inside!..i really appreciate it! thanks a lot Maria:)

and the quotes translation to english:

all the love letters are ridiculous
wouldn't be a love letter if they were not ridiculous
i also wrote in my free time, a love letters,
and as the other letters,
its ridiculous.

the love letters if there's love
have to be ridiculous
but in the end
only the creatures that never wrote
love letters


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