London Bridge, Lake Havasu City ARIZONA

thanks Peggy Peterson of USA:)

KR-6249 Seongsan Lichulbong Peak - Korea

wow! my first official cardfrom Korea after waiting over a year:), thanks Myeong-hui:)


Thanks FrancisVintone:)

CN- 119314 - Lesser Yingzhou in Winter..

thanks to Lucy:-)..such a beautiful 'blue expression'..i loved it:)

Saipan, Tinian Rota - Northern Mariana Islands

postcard showing Saipan Tinian Rota - Northern Mariana Islands, sent from China, thanks Jie-Yin for the amazing stamps collection:-)

Puzzle of Bangkok, Thailand

beautiful postcard showing Bangkok at night..thanks to D'Chan:)

CN-117365 Imperial Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty

thanks Hanna:)

Statue of Liberty

thanks Selen:-)

LU- 4512

thanks Luxi:) beautiful card with beautiful stamps..:)

US-516472 - San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Breathtaking view!..Thanks to KatyC of Colorado USA

Sailing Ships..

another great collection..:)


Heritage Railway Stations of India

Jayadeva and geetagovinda
thanks a lot Vijay kapre of India!

Toscana Italy

thanks to Riccardo of Italia

Colours of Malaysia

MY-Tag > thanks to Hussairy of Selangor

FI- 653445 - The Seven Brothers..:)

so cute! thanks Pirjo:)

US- 505367 Wrong ID ?

Keng Lor of Saint Paul Minnesota, please message me for the correct ID, Thanks for this lovely card:-)


thanks Malini:)

Thanks Earney:)

lovely postcards:)

Greetings from Kelantan

thanks khor:)


thanks Tomi! :)

Neuschwanstein Castle

thanks again Claudia:)


thanks Flavio:-)

Barack Obama !

another great Obama Card! thanks to Bruce of Washington DC :)

Kedarnath, Uttarakhand - India

thanks Vijay:)


thanks Audrey:)

Sopron Hungary

Thanks Earney:-)

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