NL - 692446

Beautiful postcard showing World Map... arrived from Netherlands and the stamps attached on the card is awesome:) thanks so much Roelof:)


one of my favourite, puzzle of stamps on postcard! thanks so much martindrago from Slovakia:)

CZ - 120588

yeah! no wonder i love postcrossing more and more..each day...! this is so surprise to received via official, such a beautiful postcard of Will&Kate:) thanks so much Pavla from Czech Republic.

..a feeling that give you wings......

How Sweet! :) the words says : "..a feeling that gives you wings.."
thanks so much Vil for sending me this.

Map of Russia

beautiful map of Russia, thanks a lot:)

i'm dissapointed..

sorry to say here but i'm very much disappointed with this cards:(
the Tag on forum saying choose three of the same theme, and i choose 'three postcards with matching stamps' ( no picture provided ). so today the cards arrived..but this cards doesn't looks like what it should be as per offered, no stamps at all, its just a printed stamp and full blank on the other side. sorry sender, but i'm so frust.

Welcome to Japan !

great Map of Japan! thanks Noriko..and all the awesome postcards:)

Live_Love_Laugh !

Great postcard! :)

Received from..

another great arrival of Postcards..and in case if i didnt u2u, i would like to say a big thanks to:
laura hall
3stampsTag - from?

thanks so much !

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