receiving postcards from Mauritius is always my big pleasure:) chances are rare .. and i would like to say a big thank you to Miss Tegally Tasneem from Mauritius..for such a beautiful postcards and stamps:)

CA - 101956

so sweet..:)

a big thank you to zoomster of Canada for such a beautiful stamps and postcard of Orangutan! i loved it very much, its so sorry to hear the first postcard never arrived here..

AT- 58329

a big thanks to Robin67 from Austria for sending me this precious envelope along with so many beautiful stamps inside! :)

DE- 649802

"Go your own way, give your fantasy a golden wings, and let surprise yourself, where you were leaded..:

nice one, thanks a lot:)

US- 759946

i loved the stamps very much! thanks ya;)

Greetings from Langkawi..

thanks SL for sending me this postcard from Langkawi, enjoy your hoilday:)


thanks Pedro for the card,.. get well soon..

Nouvelles Images

Garden Gnome

Viva Italia

a beautiful Nouvelle Images from Shinta! :-) thanks so much , the stamps are GREAT! :-)))

Mel Rakyat

Malaysian "Mel Rakyat" - thanks SL for resending this..and yeah the postmark is clear now:-)

Unlimited Art..

what a great idea to published this kind of cool postcard! i loooved it:)

thanks a lot Marleen of Netherlands:)


thanks so much Caroline of France for this wonderful view of Eiffel Tower!:)

Franz Josef Glacier - New Zealand

ice fall flows from large snowfields below the southern alps to below the tree-line.
wonderful card!


thanks so much Heather for the beautiful postcards and stamps:)

Greetings from Portugal !

thanks a lot Americo for this wonderful swap! :-)

Champignons / Mushrooms !

lovely Nouvelles Images..thanks a lot Gudrun:)

Fromages De France / French Cheese

Lovely Nouvelle Images..thanks Catty:)

My Beautiful country...Malaysia:-)

Island of Malaysia..

Khoo Kongsi - large chinese clanhouse.

Mulu National Park, Sarawak.

Putra Mosque, Putrajaya

thanks SL Liew for the great swap, stamps & FDC cancellations looks great:-)

UN Climate change conference in Copenhagen..

very interesting card, thanks Betty:)

Map of Texas

aaah...thanks a lot dear Davida:)


Earney..thanks for think of me while you are on holiday:)


Cherry Blossoms...thanks Lexidh:)


thanks Juliane:)


Thanks dear Sandra:)

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