Taj Mahal..

This beautiful postcard of Taj Mahal actually advertisment card :) i cut out from RD Magazine latest issue, hopefully i would get a real view postcard of Taj Mahal, written and stamped all the way from New Delhi...soon! :)


*from: Francesca - Italy
Fountain of Trevi - Roma
very nice postcard, thanks a lots Francesca:)


*from: Joan - Ohio USA
nice postcard..thanks Joan ;)

Deff - 07

*from: Jose of Portugal
thanks a lots Jose, i really like the view...:)

Ps -11

*from: Ranko - Japan
Nice postcard of winter..remind me of Christmas is coming soon!
thanks a lot Ranko!

Thank You Postcards from Netherlands..

*multiview of Barbant.

*very nice Holland map :)

*multi view of Holland..beautiful!

it surprising me a lots today..:) to received a nice collection of thank you postcards, all the way from Netherlands, its so beautiful and i like it very much..
Rob, thanks a lot for the postcards and nice words!

Ps -10

*from: Ana - Macedonia
beautiful postcard..:)
thanks Ana, will wait for the next delivery..:)

Ps -09

Nice multiview of Churches of Tallin

*from - Elina - Estonia
nice beautiful postcard from Estonia..
thanks a lot Elina :)

Ps -08

*from: Eva - Greece
Nice postcard from Greece..thanks Eva..:)

Ps -07

*from: Colleen - Usa
Thaks for the nice postcard..:)

*from: Kangkung - Austria
Thank you so much dear kangkung..:-D

* from: Luntid - Austria
Thanks a lot..:)

*from: Earney - Austria
nice multi view..Thanks so much :)

Deff- 06

* from: Tove - Finland
Amusment Park of Helsinki
nice postcard! thanks Tove..:)


*from: Christine - Australia
Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as appointed on 28 June, 2007.[1] Designed by Jørn Utzon, a Danish architect, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most distinctive and famous 20th century buildings, and one of the most famous performing arts venues in the world.
Thanks so much Christine, i love it very much..:)


*from: Hazel - Seychelles Island
Seychelles Island
An island nation, the Seychelles is located in the northeast of Madagascar and about 1,600 km (1,000 mi) east of Kenya. The number of islands in the archipelago is often given as 115 but the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles lists 155. The islands as per the Constitution are divided into various groups.
Very nice Postcard, Thanks Hazel..:)

Ps -04

*from: Ania - Poland
One of the greatest Polish composers, born on 1st March 1810 in Zelazowa Wola in central Poland. He died in 1849.
Thanks Ania for the postcard and nice stamps too..:)


*from: Pondina Gaelle - France
La Bretagne Pittoresque
Thanks Gaelle for the nice stamp..:)


*from: Patrick - Germany
nice postcard with map of river nearby! i like it very much:)
Thanks so much Patrick!:)


*from: Melanie - Brunei Darussalam
Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is a royal Islamic mosque located in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of the Sultanate of Brunei. The mosque is classified as one of the most spectacular mosques in the Asia Pacific and a major tourist attraction. Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is considered amongst the people of Brunei as the country's major landmark.
Thanks a lots Melanie..very nice postcard :)


*from - Annalisa Delaware US
Wilmington Delaware
Wilmington is the largest city in Delaware, the seat of New Castle county, and home to DuPont, this country’s largest chemical and materials corporation. The city offers impressive museums, restaurants and hotels. Shown in the foreground is the Bank One Center on the Riverfront, located along the Christina River.
thanks a lot Annalisa..:)


*from: Annalisa - Delaware US
New Castle Delaware
New Castle was founded in 1651 by Peter Stuyvesant, who was sent to provide the Dutch with command of all river traffic. Because of its strategic location on the Delaware river, ownership of the town was constantly changing, with the flags of the Netherlands, Sweden and Great Britain all having flown there. New Castle became the colonial capitol of Delaware and also briefly served as the first state capital. The Delaware Memorial Bridge can be seen in the background.
thanks so much Annalisa..what a wonderful postcard..:)


*from: Koichi - Japan
Kinkaku-Ji Temple, Kyoto Japan.
This is the famous "Golden Temple" or "Golden Pavillion" of Kyoto. It was built in 1397 and made as a retirement home for the shogun at that time, but his son converted it into a temple. In 1950, a monk, who was obsessed with the temple, burned it to the ground and it was reconstructed five years later.
nice postcard from Japan..thanks Koichi :)


*from: Kerstile - Germany
Alps of Allgau; an impressive panorama of the Allgau alpine mountain.
nice winter postcard..thanks kerstile..:)


*from: Sigulda - Latvia
RIGA - The Dome Cathedral; the Organ of the Dome Cathedral
The Dome Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the Baltics. It was founded on St Jacob's Day in 1211 by Latvia's Teutonic conquerors under the bishop Albert von Buxhoeveden, who became its first bishop. In the past centuries the Dome Cathedral has been destroyed and rebuilt many times, so presently it is a composite of different architectural styles.

The oldest part of the cathedral is the altar build in the manner of Romanesque. Gothic style has left its traces in the architecture of Basilica; baroque is the style of the 18th century spire. Western entrance was built in the second part of the 19th century, and has the features of pseudo-gothic style. The first construction period was finished by 1270. After the last reconstruction that took place in 1776, the tower was raised to the height of 90 meters.

One of the highlights of the cathedral is the famous organ that was made in 1884 by a German company "E.F. Walker & Co". At that time it was the biggest organ in the world. The organ has 6 718 pipes and is with wooden carvings from 17-18th centuries. This well-known historical monument became a symbol of the Old Town of Riga...wow..
all the way from Latvia..thanks sigulda..:)


*from: stacy - United Kingdom
Parkinson Building - University Of Leeds, England.
Leeds is among the top ten universities for research in the UK and is internationally acknowledged as a centre of excellence in a wide range of academic and professional disciplines.

Thanks to stacy of United Kingdom..:)


* Auli Huttunen - Finland
I can say this is a very special postcard, comes along with beautiful self-made 3D card..all the way from Auli Huttunen of Finland. Thank you so much Auli, I really appreciate it, your kindness and loving heart of saying, I love everything you sent me, a cards with SOUL….thats I can say :)


*piehta - Finland
This postcard written as "The Spirit of Finland"..interesting , rite :)
thanks so much piehta, and i really love the stamps attached!


Grand Canyon National Park Arizona
The Grand Canyon was formed by 5-6 million years of erosion as the Colorado River craved its way through multiple layers of rock. The Grand Canyon is approximately 277 miles long. Its deepest point from the rim to the river is 6000 feet. It was designated a National Park in 1919 and receives nearly 5 million visitors a year.
Thanks to Roger :)


Beautiful bird view of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The name Ljubljana means “Beloved”. The pink church is called St Frances. The three bridges over river Yubljanica is one of the best architecture, mean while the Soul of town is seen on the market, across the bridge on the left right way takes you to the old part of Ljubljana.
*precious thank you postcard sent to me all the way from Slovenia..thank you so much Rebecca :)


*uconn - United States Of America
Derby, Connecticut - The Mattatuck Museum
144 West Main Street, Waterbury Connecticut 06702.
beautiful oil painting postcard! thank you James :)


*bugs7 - China
The Wuyishan Mountain - located in the south of wuyishan city, Fujian Province, which is said"top view in the southeast of China".The scenic area of the Wuyishan Mountain has peculiar landforms and beautiful scenery. The nine-turning zigzag stream and thirty-six magnificent mountains make the scenic area scrolls of natural beauty of blue water and green mountains.
nice postcard..and beautiful stamps,..thanks so much zhang :)


*pirj06 - Finland
all the way from Finland..:)


*saintAzure - China
Picture of Huashan Mountain
its unique rarely seen picture, i like it..:)


* lebagel -United State Of America
Pacific Ocean sunset as seen over the Santa Monica Pier with the outline of Catalina Island. in the distance, the ferris wheel, roller coaster, and games are recent addition known as "Pacific Park".
Nice sunset view..:)


*yksinpuhelu - Finland
Heinola Talvella
-Auringonnousu Kymella
Beautiful postcard all the way from Finland.. :)


*rob - Netherlands
Very nice 3D postcard i received..thanks so much rob :)

*Earney - Austria
Thanks so much for this lovely round shape postcard, i really love it :)

*Earney - Austria
its lovely and beautiful..

*AnilJee - Mauritius
from a very best friend of mine...thanks for everything! :)

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