FI- 734866

Suomi - Finland, thanks Jaana for this beautiful card with beautiful stamps! :)

Sunset at Veli - Thiruvanathapuram, Kerala India..

Beautiful sunset view ..

Kbal Chhay Waterfalls, Cambodia


Novi Sad, Serbia

Thanks a lot Judit of Serbia:) beautiful aerial view..

Postcards with Quotes

Thanks Earney...lovely postcard as usual:-) Loved it!

Four Seasons of Paris..

i have been adore this postcard "four season of Paris" since long long ago.. so lucky i got it finally! thanks ferro for the swap:-)




RU- 107747 - The Cathedral of St Basil

i always love to get this card ! thanks a lot Elena of Russia:-)

NL- 277102 Valentine :)

Very nice valentine card from Carin of Netherlands ! thanks a lot for sending me 4cards instead of one:-)) you made my day:). i'm still waiting your address so that i can send you a card from Borneo ..

Blessed Valentine Day !

"i love you"

too cute:).. "never empty mailbox"

Thanks to dear Earney of Austria :)

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