Hurray!!.....Postcard from Suriname! :)

wow what a great monday today i received my first ever postcard from Suriname! what a a rare country, is it? :) thanks so much Cheryll from Suriname for contacting me for swap, and i'm so happy we did it.

Collection of Thailand Local Kids Postcards!

Thanks a lot to Dr Lim for these wonderful collection of Thai local children Postcards.

FI - 1296107

another great postcard from Finland, thanks so much Eija:)


ES - 146147

This kind of Map is one of my MOST favorite ones, " Map of the entire World", how cool is that! :) thanks so much Gabriela from Spain.


Dragon year 2012 - France!

Thanks so much Gerald from France:)

Dragon Year 2012

wow another surprise from China, i'm still trying to find sender of this great Postcard+Stamps, the sender didnt write her/his name on the card:) anyway, thanks so much, do contact me so that i can send you something from here.

Steve Job

Precious Postcard...thanks so much Yangjuan :)

Dragon Year 2012 - Singapore

Thanks so much Flamingold from Singapore for this unexpected wonderful surprise:)

China Kids

Village kids in the front of Family Planning Slogan.
thanks a lot twentyajax for this great postcard:)

Happy Dragon Year 2012 !

Wishing everyone Happy New ( Dragon ) Year 2012 !
may we all be blessed with good health and all the good things in life,
may there will be lots of meaningful postcards to come in this year ahead:)

Thanks so much Sandy for this Stamp!:) soo loved it..

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