Indus Valley, Ladakh India

Very nice postcard from Ladakh India, thanks a lot kaching:)

The Labuan War Cemetery, WW11 Historical Sites, Labuan Malaysia

My first ever postcard from Labuan, thanks so much my dear Earney:)


Super cute postcard arrived from Evinia of Russia, thanks so much for choosing this card for me:)

I wish everyone have a nice weekend, have a good rest.... :)

Don't Push yourself too hard...

This is too cute..and the postcard says it all..:)

thanks so much Shinta, the Dragon stamps really awesome, i'm so lucky :)

Hurray!!...Postcard from South Africa :)

Hurray!!..:) another great postcard arrived from South Africa, Thanks so much Jocelyn, i'm looking forward to exchange postcard with you again :)

TH - 98837

Very nice postcard with matching stamp:) thanks so much Jirat from Thailand:)


Surprise from Portugal

Sent to me as a Thank You .. and i'm so pleased with these two cards, with all the great stamps, thanks so much Manuel from Portugal.

Orangutan Postcards

Very nice collection of Orangutan Postcards!

Children Postcards..

very nice and precious postcards:)

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