IE - 9753

Ireland ! new country addition in my list:-) thanks a lot :)

US - 628177

Very interesting postcard, thanks Carol of New York :-)

FI - 777963

Thanks Seija:)

RU - 132093

thanks a lot svetlana:)

FI - 769606

thanks a lot Ritva :)

Old City of Jerusalem.....

ever since i join postcrossing, its been my dream to received this Old City of Jerusalem postcard, written and stamped from Jerusalem, Israel. and i'm so happy finally my dream come true! :-), thanks so much Marina of Jerusalem Israel for sending me this. it will be a great addition to my everlasting collections!:-)

Hello from Tunisia !

wow...new country in my list:) thanks a lot Omran, thanks again for sending me so many postcards from Libya.


beautiful card & stamps from Switzerland, thanks Sara:)

Greetings from Taipei

Martyts' Shrine, Taipei

The Grand Hotel, Taipei.

Formosa Taiwan

Street Scenes of Taiwan:)

Blue banded Kingfisher

this postcard is privately published to promote the book titled "Philips Field Guide to Bird of Borneo", Written by Quentin Phillipps. Thanks D CL for sending me this.

Pongo Pygmaeus

This postcard depicts an Orang-utan, photographed at Sepilok Sandakan years ago. and not long after photographing her, this female orangutan died because of sickness..

i've sent many of this orangutan postcard to other postcrosser around the world, and now my turn to received it:-) feels glad to received it from the publisher itself, thanks a lot.

National Orchid Garden, Singapore

Thanks D CL,


the stamps are really beautiful and rare, recently issue by Thailand post during Chinese New Year. thanks Leela:)


EARTH!...one of my dream card! thanks geocarrick of USA:)


thanks Zhang of China:)


The cultural heritage of launching Canoes.. thanks WJ Chen:)


i was amazed by this beautiful card!.. thanks Emily:-)


thanks Julianna:)


Hapy Easter from Ineta, thanks ya:)


Inukshuk : "in the likeness of a human"
thanks Olivia:)


thanks Andje:)


Thanks Elina:)


Thanks Katja:)

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