Thank you so much Jannick from Guernsey for this wonderful postcard + stamps, really made my day:)

Guyana !

thanks a lot PostcardLocker for this postcard + beautiful stamp.

US - 1447181

Interesting Postcard with beautiful stamps:) thanks a lot


Thanks incrou7 for this beautiful postcard + beautiful stamps! loved it:)

Tow Boo Kong Temple, Butterworth Penang

SL Liew sent me this beautiful postcard of Tow Boo Kong Temple, Penang, thanks SL

Sabah Naive Art by Awang Fadilah

recently i buy this Sabah Naive Art Postcard, very beautiful ones designed by artist Awang Fadilah, its really a nice art postcard, excellent quality but price is expensive than ordinary postcard. i wish to buy more..

US - 1440857


very interesting postcard from Svetlana @ USA, thanks so much:)

Anne Geddes Postcards

thanks so much Natacha from Belgium for this super cute postcards:)

Map of Taiwan

thanks for this cute map of Taiwan:)

Postcard from Poland

Thanks Magdalena for this sweeeet n cute postcard:)


i was deeply touched by a young postcrosser from India whom design this for me:)

so cute n lovely, thanks my dear Varsha!

New Postcards!

Brand New Postcards published by Opus Publication, very beautiful collection indeed, and in standard size of 4x6 ! :) i just cannot wait to send them to postcards lover around the globe:)

Kyrgyzstan !

wow! new country :) today i received this beautiful postcard with great stamps from Aysuluu of Kyrgzstan, thanks so much! :)

Bali Indonesia - Children with "Krupuk Udang" :)

thanks so much Shinta for the beautiful postcard and stamps! as usual:)

Cave Dwelling in North China

great postcard with beautiful stamps, thanks so much likecbd:)

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