Puffin.... and many more Puffins! :)

Tadaaa! banyaknya burung puffin yang cantik singgah di peti surat saya hari ini! terima kasih ya Tom :)

ES-330345 Gran Canaria, Spain!

so beautiful! this is what i like in term of Landscape/ aerial view:) thanks a lot Pascual:)

Labuan Postcards :)

Greetings from Labuan! :) Thanks so much Chin Bei Hao from Labuan for your kind help :)

Borneo Card - International Beads Conference 2010

Such a beautiful Card :) i'm glad i received this from a kind friend:)


Thanks a lot Erin from Cape Town, South Africa :)

How To Be British :)

Terima Kasih Tom, funny card with beautiful drawings! i like it :)

Greetings from Canada

Thanks a lot Linda, for this great swap, i'm happy to swap with you :)


Thanks a lot for sending me this lovely postcard :)


Thanks a lot Fernando from Brazil, for this beautiful Iguazu Falls postcard:)

Greetings from Turks & Caicos Islands... :)

Hurray another precious card arrived, adding to my rare countries collections! Thanks a lot Tom from UK :)


Thanks for this beautiful card :)


Thanks a lot DFNQ form Singapore :)


Thanks a lot Ms karen Young from USA :)


Another great Orangutan Card arrived today! this week i received a good number of orangutan postcard and i'm so pleased with all the cards! this one got marks " missent to Thailand " so it takes 83 days of travelling time to reached me :)
thanks a lot Marion from Germany!


THANKS a ,lot Elena from Russia , i really like to received Orangutan postcard;)


Rainforest is disappearing so fast that Orangutans are on the verge of extinction...:(
thanks a lot philocartist, for this precious card :)


Thanks a lot Awi Walis from Taiwan, its always my pleasure to received Orangutan Postcard:)

Let's hang on to our forests....

Terima kasih Cikgu Dale yang baik hati! :) :)


THANKS a lot Sveta :)


Thanks Polina for this beautiful card! :)

Merry Christmas wishes from Helgoland

Thanks a lot Tom for another great card from Helgoland :)

DE - 3804099 @ Schloss Sigmaringen . . .

BEAUTIFUL Schloss Sigmaringen...@! thanks Silke from Germany :)


The revived Uspensky cathderal 1891,2007
Thanks Dasha from Russia :)


Thanks Dina from Indonesia for this my all time fav postcard @ Orangutan! :)


Tadaaaaa! another card arrived from barbados! terima kasih banyak Tom :) i'm smiling all day long today :)

The British Virgin Islands....! ;)

HUrray another great cards arrived from Tom, this time is from British Virgin Islands..! wow! Terima kasih Tom yang baik hati ;)

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