Kuala Kurau Fishing Village PERAK -MALAYSIA

Thanks so much Bernard Loh from Ipoh Perak :)

Greetings from Perak :)

Thanks Khor for sending me this Sultan Iskandar Bridge Postcard and the KLWYSE! Hurray:)


Thanks a lot Rita, you made my day :)

Half Moon Bay, Antigua West Indies

Another awesome postcard all the way from Antigua! thanks a lot Tom, your cards never fails to makes me smiling from ear to ear :)

Antigua, West Indies

Thanks a lot Tom, what a precious card! i'm so happy this card arrived safely to me :)


Thanks Angela from Taiwan, i like your tape decorations :)


Thanks Sriranjanni from India :)


Thanks Roy from Canada ;)

CN - 1486042

Thanks to QinWanQing.. :)


Terima kasih Cikgu Dale atas kiriman poskad yang sangat berharga ini :) maaf tak dapat join..

Saint- Martin, Antilles Francaises

Terima Kasih Tom yang baik hati.. :) :)

Orangutan Up Close... Zoo of Nebraska

my all time favorite postcard! :) and this orangutan looking so thoughtful...


Beautiful postcard from Mantova! and the stamps is beautiful too:) thanks a lot Simone from Mantova, a small beautiful city in Northern Italy :)

Cricket on St Kitts

Thanks a lot again to Tom, my dear swap friend, your cards and stamps are sensational as always :)

Greetings from St.Kitts.....!

Hurray! another great card with great stamps arrived from St Kitts...! thanks so much Tom ;) i feel so blessed :)

Orchids In Barbados

Tadaaaa! another great card arrived today from a rare Country, Barbados...! the stamps are really beautiful! Thanks a lot Tom for making my day beautiful today and always :)

KLWYSE @ Malaysia World Youth Stamps Exhibition 2014

How i wish i was there.......... :(
last week, KL hosted the biggest ever stamps exhibition for six days, with some one million stamps from 46 countries on display and more than 300 exhibitors. i'm not be able to go..... but I'm thankful that two friends from KL, Rosyidah & PaMunbin willing to help me to buy some stamps for my postcrossing purpose. And the stamps arrived yesterday :) thank you so much Rosyidah and PaMunbin for your kind help!


Memorial Chruch in honour of the Archangel Micheal in memory of soldiers-internationalist killed in Afghanistan . 2004-2009

Thanks a lot Taisa from belarus :)

Greetings from French Polynesia! FR-1212

WOW i feel so blessed and so lucky to be the receiver of this postcard, its a rare country which we dont always get via official:) thanks a lot Vanessa for choosing this beautiful card for me, and the stamps are beautiful! :)

Sunset at Layou River, DOMINICA

Hurray! another precious card arrived from Tom, thank you so much, the stamps are absolutely beautiful :)

Greetings from Ukraine

Thanks Polina :)

Borneo Orangutan

This malaysian postcard was sent from NZ and i'm happy to get it, because its an orangutan :) thanks MinXuan

Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

another unexpected gift of postcard arrived from Bosnia! wow... what a rare country ( for me :) thanks a lot fellow malaysian postcrosser, Pooi Ceei for bring my address to Bosnia :) hurray!

Greetings from.... St Lucia..!

Wow...! finally one of my prayer answered :) yeah.. postcard from St Lucia arrived safely to my mailbox and i'm so excited! this is new to my country collections, Hurray! :) :) :) thanks a lot Tom, and the absolutely beautiful drawing of St Lucia Parrot for me, i was blown away ;) smiling from ear to ear:)

Orangutans from Belgium!

HUrray! i got an orangutan postcard from Belgium! :) :) i'm so happy and this is unexpected gift from Tom :) Terima kasih banyak Tom. i wonder what it means, the words written on the front card.. can anyone translate for me :)

Au Bon Bock, Bruxelles Belgium

i like the colorful drawing of this interesting building, thanks a lot Tom :)

Stourhead, Wiltshire


Napoli Italia

Thanks a lot Tom for sending me a postacrd from the home of PIZZA ;)

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