AT - 79516

ouww yeah! another favourites arrived to my mailbox and what a great surprise it was! its an official card :D thanks so much Stefan..

FI - 1122283

i always love to received postcard from " I Love My Planet " collections..thanks so much Nina for sending me this:)

Received from..

i received a couple of cards last week via Tag/swap but unfortunately i couldn't find their u2u's on my inbox ( 200 u2u limited for every user is really not enough.. we need more space though), so i would like to say a big thanks to;


till next Tag! :)

Thanks for the great stamps...!

its a great feeling to open my mailbox and see something like these:) thanks so much postcrosser for the beautiful postcards and great stamps attached on it! i really appreciated your kindness on choosing beautiful stamps for me:)

multiple bicycle object l

very interesting postcard indeed and i love riding bicycle as well:D thanks Oksana..

multiple bicycle object ll

aah another one also view of bicycle and i loved it:)

The World in Words!

wow! very unique map of the world:) great addition to my map collection:) thanks Kate..

The Cowboy's Prayer..

i feel lucky i choose this card on the Tag, i absolutely loved it..:) thanks a lot

Eifee Germany

very nice view from above..:) thanks ya Chris!

44th President of The United States - Barack Obama

another great Obama postcard arrived today from a friend who visiting USA recently, great addition to my everlasting collection..thanks so much:)


so cute and adorable! great postcard from Finland, thanks Krookus:)

Springtime in Michigan..

another lovely postcard from USA and i really loved this one:)
thanks so much DCL Chan!

Times Square New York

a good postcard friend of mine sending me this postcard during their holiday trip to USA, thanks so much DCL Chan:)

Hello Kitty Japan Map

aaah...so cute is'nt it:) thanks so much Hanako from Japan for the great Map and the Hello Kitty matching stamps!

Greetings from UK :)

yess:) another William & Kate postcard, thanks so much ..

FR - 150131

wow..wow..:-) every postcrosser would love to get this kind of postcard and i'm so lucky to be the receiver of this cool one! :-) thanks thanks dear:)

FI - 1112444

Another cute postcard showing childrens, i loved it:)

DE - 931805

so cute! :) wish the baby is mine..:D

CN - 389880

Thanks for this interesting postcard:)

another Surprise...William & Kate Postcard....!

i was deeply touched by the kindness of some stranger we meet in postcrossing.. this one comes from Thomas in Germany! he message me last month via postcrossing and offer to send me this beautiful postcard ( after reading my request on forum)..and today this awesome postcard arrived safely to my mailbox!..:)thank you so much for making my day, i hope can send you something back in return, so pls send me your address soon, thanks once again..:)..i'm smiling all day long today..! :D

Envelope from Netherlands

another nice postcard showing group of childrens.. i loved it!

TH - 75342

very nice card with such a beautiful stamps! thanks so much dear:)

CA - 163528

Beautiful view is it!..thanks so much:)

Message in a Bottle :)

thanks my dear Earney for this awesome surprise..! :)

FI - 1104549

Another great card arrived today, i loved it:-))

AU - 137208

this is so nice and one of my favourite - multiple object on a single card! :)

CN - 379491

May the best wishes around you...:)

US - 1131970

Beautiful view... thanks Zmrzlina of USA

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