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Beautiful is it :)

Postcards Represent LOVE

one of my favorite is to received postcards represent LOVE :) thanks to all postcrosser who so kind to send me all these lovely cards and many more! :)


Today i received another beautiful precious postcard from Jersey, thank you so much Tom, both postcard and the stamps are awesome beautiful:) and the postmark too ! ;)

Greetings from Jersey

Such a beautiful collection of Postcards and stamps all the way from Jersey!.. thanks a million to my best swap friend, Tom from UK. i'm smiling from ear to ear .. :) The Teddy Bear postcard looks so cute..! Loved It :)


What a wonderful surprise to received an Orangutan postcard from Russia, thanks so much :)


Wow! my dream card finally arrived, hurray...! :)


Beautiful card from Spain :)


lOVELY! :)


what a cute Birthday Card for me, thanks a lot :)


another great card of the Royal family..hurray! :)


Beautiful postcard from New Zealand :)

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