Greetings from LEBANON !

my first ever card from Lebanon ! :-) many thanks to Adibmufty for this wonderful card + Beautiful stamps!...

Hongkong !

Thanks Scrutiny:)

Philippines Map Postcards

i feel so lucky to have these beautiful collections of Philippines Map Postcards, thanks Ritz!:)

Million thanks to Ritz of Davao Philippines for this wonderful swap, the stamps are really beautiful, amazing and the most colorful i ever received. though its take so long time to reached me ( we arranged swap before christmas), but its worth waiting !! :-) Thanks Ritz!

Greetings from Jamaica !

beautiful lighthouse, thanks to lightchick:)

Greetings from Melaka

thanks Ian Choong:)

Priceless ..

Thanks Desiree of NL :)


Wherever you go, take your whole heart with you.. " thanks Carina :)

Happy 2010

Thanks Dr Biju :)


Thanks Mr Wang :)

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