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RIGA - The Dome Cathedral; the Organ of the Dome Cathedral
The Dome Cathedral is the largest cathedral in the Baltics. It was founded on St Jacob's Day in 1211 by Latvia's Teutonic conquerors under the bishop Albert von Buxhoeveden, who became its first bishop. In the past centuries the Dome Cathedral has been destroyed and rebuilt many times, so presently it is a composite of different architectural styles.

The oldest part of the cathedral is the altar build in the manner of Romanesque. Gothic style has left its traces in the architecture of Basilica; baroque is the style of the 18th century spire. Western entrance was built in the second part of the 19th century, and has the features of pseudo-gothic style. The first construction period was finished by 1270. After the last reconstruction that took place in 1776, the tower was raised to the height of 90 meters.

One of the highlights of the cathedral is the famous organ that was made in 1884 by a German company "E.F. Walker & Co". At that time it was the biggest organ in the world. The organ has 6 718 pipes and is with wooden carvings from 17-18th centuries. This well-known historical monument became a symbol of the Old Town of Riga...wow..
all the way from Latvia..thanks sigulda..:)


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