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Thanks to everyone who sent me postcards recently, especially those who catch me on postcrossing forum, I was overwhelming with the beautiful postcards from all of you! Unfortunately that I cannot post it all here, but i really appreciate it all! . Getting involved with forum really makes me busy+crazy:-) but its something I totally enjoyed doing with. I try my best to manage all the trade, well maybe there was a time I was getting out of track! So please if I still owe you something, please let me know..i will surely send you back in return.

Thanks for all the postcards, beautiful stamps and those who help me to find Orangutan Postcards, I really appreciate it! I hope to received more Orangutan Postcards from all over the world ( except Malaysia:-), I know its not easy to find but if you ever come across ones, please think of me:-). To those who stepping by, if u have any, feel free to mail me at carolpostcrossing@gmail.com . In return, u can choose any postcards you like from my offer album ( i have impressive collections of postcards for you:-).... thanks!


imajica April 22, 2009 at 4:36 AM  

OOoohhhhhhh! I should have warned you earlier!! getting into the forum is dangerous! it drastically changed my life and money bag! :P

caroline April 22, 2009 at 5:43 AM  

hahahaha... thats totally TRUE:-), thats the OTHER SIDE of it :DD !! but it was said that we have to sacrifice a bit in order to received, no? ! well, u have been in forum for many years, playing hundreds of Tags !!! haha.. no Wonder lah sweety!!! :-) anyway thanks for the comment:)

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